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Company Approach

Bender Companies entrepreneurial approach and active management creates an environment for innovative thinkers to thrive in our company culture.

Working with Bender Companies provides the following advantages:

Bender Companies seeks to acquire investment opportunities with strategic upside. Using a disciplined and patient approach, Bender Companies evaluates each investment focusing on risk mitigation in relation to current market conditions and use of conservative pro forma assumptions.

Bender Companies takes a fundamental, hands on approach to investment management and identifies operational inefficiencies to maximize value for our partners.

Single asset class focused

Unlike many of the private equity companies, Bender Companies sole focus is on multi-family, with the belief that multi-family offers the least risk and highest reward potential out of all other Real Estate asset classes.

In-House property management

Having experienced professional property management that is invested in the outcome or success of the deal creates an aligned interest that controls the outcome. Bender Companies prides itself on it’s effective and efficient property management services.

Motivated to perform

Bender Companies strongly believes personal investment by those making the investment management decisions is critical to maximizing the profits. Bender Companies Principals and upper level staff typically invest 10-20% of the equity in each transaction.

Nimble Operations

In today’s market it’s important to have the ability make swift decisions to remain competitive. Bender Companies sees an advantage in its nimble team, and uses it’s advantage against the larger players that need board or committee approval.