Bender Companies believes it’s advantage lies within its business model of being single asset class focused, in turn enhancing value by use of industry relationships, economies of scale, and management expertise.

Investment Focus

Midwest Based & Midwest Focused:

Bender Companies invests in secondary and tertiary markets with an average price per unit between $40-$100K.

Multifamily (100+ units):

Bender Companies leverages the benefits of assets that can support on-site personnel and economies of scale.

B & C class assets with high yield:

Bender Companies leverages the benefits of assets that can support on-site personnel and economies of scale.

Property Vintage 80’s - 00’s:

Bender Companies sees opportunity in older undercapitalized assets that exhibit potential for revenue enhancements or cost reduction strategies.

$5-$30 million assets that demonstrate a value-add opportunity:

Bender Companies seeks investment opportunities in the small to middle market space with strong fundamentals.

Investment Philosophy

Bender Companies invests and manages with the philosophy that real estate is a wealth building alternative investment. Through the experience of the principal’s and upper-level staff, Bender Companies identifies undervalued assets that can generate strong cash-flow and provide tax advantages for its partners.

Bender Companies believes it is critical that those making the investment and management decisions invest their own personal capital alongside its investor partners.

The importance of a disciplined approach to acquisitions and dispositions of assets is a fundamental rule at Bender Companies. Bender Companies utilizes predominantly first mortgage, non-recourse debt, which is structured to allow for flexibility not to limit or restrict an assets timely exit.

Investment Strategy

Revenue enhancement and cost reduction strategies:

Through the experience of the firm's Principals and upper level staff, Bender Companies considers areas to improve demand, create additional ancillary revenue streams, determine physical enhancement needs, potential rebrand opportunities, and develop a lead generation marketing plan. Bender Companies use of operational efficiency, economies of scale, understanding acceptable ranges of controlled expenses, contract negotiation, and Real Estate tax appeals are all tools utilized to reduce costs.

Single asset transactions:

Bender Companies targets the acquisition of assets well below their replacement cost and limited threat from new supply.

Debt restructuring

A typical debt range on a Bender Companies owned asset could be anywhere from 65-80% loan to value with the equity contribution being the remaining 20-35%. Understanding the complex debt market and determining creative ways to restructure debt on an assets can drastically change the outcome or success of a transaction. Bender Companies seeks to evaluate all debt restructuring possibilities while staying true to our value-add risk profile.

Joint ventures & Strategic partnerships:

Bender Companies will consider to partner with experienced operators or operating companies that have a similar fundamental approach to Real Estate investing. Bender Companies offers years of investing experience, management expertise that aligns with it’s investors, consistent deal-flow, and access to capital.

Portfolio transactions:

Bender Companies seeks opportunities to acquire portfolio’s that can often be purchased under market value. Through it’s industry relationships, these opportunities can often be identified off market.

Bender Investments

Current Properties

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Lakeview Apartments

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Westbridge Apartments

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Fairmount Meadows

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Linden Park Apartments- Formerly New Colonies

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